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crime shows 20in20

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You will have 20 days to make 20 icons of any character/episode/pairing from a chosen crime show.

There will be 3 types of sets:
1. 10 themes, that will change with each round.
2. 5 icon set following one Category (ie: colors, each icon must be a different colour.)
3. 5 icon set of Artist's Choice. This means you can make any icons you want.

. Themes: The themes set will include 10 themes like you would normally see in a 100 icon challenge.
. Category: All icons in this set have the sam theme.
. Artists Choice: I don't think I need to explain this. You pick any 5 icons you want to place in the set.

. Themes: These will be voted only in categories. (ie: if the themes are happy, angry, singing, etc. Then all participants' happy icons will be in one voting set. All angry icons will be in one voting set, etc.)
. Category: These will stay in sets and will be voted on in their sets.
. Artists Choice: These will also be voted in their sets.

In addition to voting for sets in Category and Artist's Choice, you will vote for 6 icons of your choice.
. PLEASE only sign-up if you're serious about participating.
. You must choose one character/episode/pairing to make 20 icons with.
. You can't use the same show twice in a row but every 3rd challenge is fine.
. You can only enter once, using one show (character/pairing/episode) per month.
. All icons must be made specifically for this community, each round you decide to participate in. No prior work can be submitted.
. You can either link us to your icon journal giving 3 examples, not just banners link to your icon post or you can post them here under a cut, still giving 3 examples before it.
. ALL ICON POSTS MUST BE PUBLIC. We don't want to have to join/friend you in order to see your icons to post voting.
. Please, if you participate try to check out the other participants entries. You want people to check out yours and vice versa, it's fair game.
. Because they can be shown before voting. Please vote without bias!! Nothing else matters besides the quality of their icons.
. They must fit the livejournal standard. (under 40kb, 100x100px and either .png, .gif or .jpg file format)
. rules by character20n20
. layout by ohcodey
. profile code by gossymer
Sign-ups Posted: 24th of the month
Challenges Starts: 1st of the month
Challenges Ends: 20th of the month
Voting Starts: 21st of the month
Voting Ends: 28th of the month